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"Evolution" Control Units

Software functionality

The CNTP EV-temperature control unit is provided with software that in addition to the classic functions of a control unit (soft-start control area,) presents functions such as simultaneous increase of the zones, activation and deactivation of the contemporary climb gradient, limitation of power phase with adjustable threshold, data log which can be displayed in graphical and tabular form with the ability to export to csv via USB or ethernet, recipes storing both production and setting parameters, diagnostics detailed alarms (temp. max., temp. min., load interrupted, interrupted thermocouple.), display of the electric current drawn by a single zone, setting the parameters to adjust comments for each single zone. This special unit offers the possibility to manage up to ten pairs of thermal profiles and each profile can be stored and exported.

Technical features

  • Forced cooling
  • Connection via the Ethernet port with the possibility of remote control
  • General magnetic protection
  • Emergency push button with safety module
  • Attaching to the process by cables with quick connect
  • Control via touch screen with TFT active matrix Display 10.4"
  • Cables and components Labelling
  • Detailed electrical diagrams
  • Alarm signals with external flasher
  • Single-zone protection using superfast fuse
  • Power control with replaceable solid state relay technology