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Pvc-Compound Plant

Weighing - Distribution - Extrusion Mix - Bagging

The system we’ve created manages the entire production cycle of PVC-COMPOUND granules through 4 Displays of TFT active matrix 10.4" PLC on board and remoted I/O. The four control points, respectively Synoptic, Turbo, Extruder1, Extruder2, are connected via Ethernet and exchange signals.


This is the central system and concerns the weighing of the components by production recipes, which are compared with the Silos-Components Association and, in the positive case, are managed by the weighted priority until the completion of the compound. Once ready mixes Synoptic warns the Turbo that it is ready for discharge. From this panel, you can also manage the entire system’s peripherals including the Extruder and Bagging supply.

Turbo Mix

This works both in autonomy and in symbiosis with the Synoptics.

In the second case, Turbo activates its cycle only if the first discharge is provided. According to temperature setting, it requires the various discharges and, reaching the end of mix with fixed ramps, downloads in the cooler.


The corresponding PLC manages the whole process of extrusion and cutting in an autonomous way, considering the material feeding levels.