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Unit of temperature control

Multi-zone control units, mainly made for controlling the temperature of hot chamber molds are applicable to any process that requires temperature control. Our units are made up of components for commercial use from leading brands, ensuring durability and availability of spare parts.

The connection is ensured by quick-fit connectors that allow for fast commissioning and secure service. The cooling is carried out thanks to a pair of antagonistic vents with the supplement of ventilation slots positioned in correspondence of the heating elements.

The hood’s opening system uses hooks, which allow for easy maintenance and quick cleaning. All wiring is numbered and circuit diagrams of the equipment and the manual adjustment of the instruments installed are included. The presence of handles on both sides allow for easy transport.

Our standards:

2-4-8-12 zones 16A 230Vac in the area for the respective sizes 16-32-50-63A 400Vac 3Ph + N + T, accompanied by a 3mt power cable, a 3mt thermocouple cable and a 3mt power cord.

Any different implementation can be configured on request by contacting our technical office.