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  • Exterior with stainless steel sheet.
  • Interior with bright nickel belt.
  • Insulation with mattress fiber insulation for high temperature low biopersistence. The products we use are exempt from classification carcinogen.
  • Anchor brackets stainless steel side
  • Hooks with quick release system
  • Handles in plastic material reinforced with glass fibers to high temperatures.
  • Dimensions, holes and slots on the customer's specifications.



Made to make a significant increase in the yield to the process of injection molding machines and extruders, minimizing systematic losses of heat.

Know Caseplus

The Advantages

CASEPLUS reflects heat due to its internal polished and blocks the heat exchange with the outside by means of an insulation with insulating fiber with low biopersistence.

The use of our crankcase is not tied to the heaters, may be used for the entire length of the cylinder. You can request when ordering any holes or slits for the most diverse requirements.

The installation is made easy thanks to the quickclosing hooks and brackets to anchor side.

The energy savings relative to the heating of the cylinder by about 30 - 40% justifies the initial investment, the mounting of CASEPLUS, which is recovered in a very short time. 

Do not underestimate the aesthetic improvement that our housing make the machines, and a significant increase in the level of security.