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  • Pipe steel metallic sheath.
  • Long-lasting heater.
  • Compressed magnesium-oxide insulation.
  • Resistive wire made of nickel-cromo 80/20.
  • Ceramic bushings.
  • Flexible cables in Ni99% or stainless steel pins.
  • Test certificate.



These heaters are armored and with filling Magnesio. They can be put in water, oil, acids, air and solid.

They can be made of soft steel, stainless steel AISI 304, 321, 316 or incoloy 800 in the following standar diameters: 8/10/12/16 mm. They can be made in different form and can be equipped with a large range of accesories: sleeves, flanges, washer, ecc. They are electrically connected by electric filaments, binding post or fast on terminal.


Where there is a need, it forms the ideal solution, maintaining the characteristics of traditional armour have the particularity of being flexible.